Saturday, January 7, 2012

My first craft show

In October I was told about a craft fair that would be going on in December and was asked if this is something that I would be interested in. Having never done one before I was a tad nervous, but with nothing to lose I decided perhaps this is something I should try. Lord knows I'm not getting any younger. Well let me just say, I am so glad that I did. A craft fair is a wonderful way to let people see you craft. My jewelry is sort of unique,so I got a lot of people who stopes and truly admired my jewelry. I felt wonderful.

When having a craft fair it is important to have a lot of business card. Nice packaging for your products helps as well. Be available for any questions one might have. And lastly just stay positive.

If you are a crafter and considering doing a craft fair, my suggestion to you is give it a shot. You might be glad you did.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my sale, and my shop on your blog! I wish you much blogging success!

  2. My pleasure. Your jewelry is beautiful!